JUBHome is JUB brand entering the market of energy efficient, passive and energy plus houses. The JUBHome System is a result of in-house development and production. The design is based on energy efficiency, fast, easy, solid constructing and architectural diversity.

Trends are shifting from larger multi-family houses towards smaller single-family houses. Customers are seeking comfort, cost and energy savings with regards to actual needs.

We are pursuing a simpler and cleaner architecture, combining separate cooking, dining and social quarters into one slightly bigger space, positioning garages and storage spaces outside the main  building which translates to an easier way of achieving a higher build standard and energy efficient building.

This makes today’s houses cheaper; they are smaller, but still nice, safe and functional. Modern investors want a complete service and fast building at a pre-known price.

We’ve combined all of the above when designing turnkey JUBHome houses. Our houses guarantee energy efficiency, high build quality, combine the benefits of massive construction with the speed of prefabricated construction, low operating costs and maintain the value of your investment in the house. In addition to type projects, we offer individual design, design and execution of turnkey construction.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.