Advantages of JUBHome BASE insulation system for raft foundations

  • no need for 2-stage concreting, as in the case of strip footings
  • the total excavation volume is reduced
  • pouring of concrete without shuttering
  • simpler reinforcing with less steel-fixing, performed mostly by placing reinforcing meshes
  • a thermally-insulating tub without thermal bridges, simple and high-quality execution of continuous waterproofing
  • due to a more uniform stress distribution, foundation slabs can be built on ground of lower bearing capacity, and on less homogeneous ground
  • rapid construction using a free of charge design plan for the thermally-insulating tub
  • no in situ cutting of elements, and a zero waste site;
  • the foundation slab can have any
    thickness from 16 to 30 cm, with
    intermediate steps of 2 cm, taking into
    account the desired level of energy
    efficiency of the building;
  • moisture absorption of less than 2%;
  • guidelines for earthquake-resistant construction were developed at IKPIR, the Institute of Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering and Computer Science of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana.
  • technical advice available free of charge during both the design and the construction stages.

SCHEMATIC CROSS-SECTION THROUGH THE FOUNDATIONS of a building with or without a basement, built using the JUBHome BASE system


  1. Concrete blinding (beneath this, a layer of compacted fill – hardcore – according to the designer’s specifications)
  2. Ground insulation along the perimeter of the building (to be used in the case of buildings without
    basements, where the level of the foundations is above the expected frost depth)
  3. Lower and upper layer JUBHome BASE floor elements (with a compressive strength of 300 or 400 kPa)
  4. The reinforced-concrete foundation slab
  5. The exterior wall (i.e. part of the superstucture), as selected
  6. Suitable also for the foundation of buildings with basements reaching below the expected frost depth
  7. A JUBHome BASE edge element (with a compressive strength of 400 kPa)