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JUBHome BASE, a load-bearing thermal insulation system for raft foundations

The JUBHome BASE thermal insulation system is a reliable solution for energy efficient buildings.

JUBHome BASE is a tailored load-bearing thermal insulation for raft foundations made of Peripor®, a special type of EPS which is capable of high compressive strength and low water absorption, and is meant for buildings of up to three storeys. JUBHome BASE is also suitable for foundation in seismically active areas and on ground of lower bearing capacity.

In comparison with strip footings the construction of a thermally insulated raft foundation by means of the JUBHome BASE system is simpler, quicker, and provides higher quality. As well as helping to reduce heat losses from the building, the continuous waterproofed thermal insulation envelope provides complete protection from ground moisture and ground water under pressure.

The thermal insulation is pre-cut before delivery and reinforced concrete can be poured onto the assembled self-supporting thermal insulation with ease. This lowers the possibility of mistakes.

In the case of light-weight building materials for walls (i.e. for prefabricated and timber-framed buildings, and for buildings with walls made of aerated concrete blocks) JUBHome BASE floor elements with a compressive strength of 300 kPa can be used, whereas in the case of buildings with walls made of brick-masonry or concrete these elements have to have a compressive strength of 400 kPa. The standard total thicknesses of the assembled lower and upper layer floor elements are 16, 24 in 30 cm, and intermediate thicknesses of the upper layer floor elements are available in steps of 2 cm.

The thickness of the RC foundation slab, as well as the compressive strength of the JUBHome BASE elements, is defined by the designer of the building.


Thicknesses of
of the layers (cm)
Total thickness (cm)λ Peripor
Compressive strength (kPa)
16 cm8 + 8160,0330,206300 / 400
24 cm8 + 16240,0330,138300 / 400
30 cm8 + 22300,0330,110300 / 400
any selected 16 - 30
cm, with 2 cm steps
8 + (8 up to 22)16 - 300,0330,20 - 0,11300 / 400

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