From plan to construction with JUBHome WALL

  1. The architectural plan: Based on the received plans, the customer, the designer, and JUBHome’s technical support service will agree about the very small adjustments in the dimensions of the structure which are needed in order to achieve the modular grids and details as defined in the JUBHome system.

Načrt arhitekture

  1. The 3D model: After the dimensions have been fully agreed, JUBHome’s technical support service will prepare a graphic representation of the whole building as a 3D model, showing all the constituent typical and non-typical (cut and glued) elements.


  1. The assembly plan: For use at the building-site, an assembly plan will be developed from the 3D model showing individual walls, with the positions of the elements and their specifications.

 Sestavni načrt

  1. Construction: After the non-typical elements have been manufactured, all the elements needed for the construction of an individual building are assembled, wrapped in foil, and put on palettes, and delivered to the building-site, where work can then begin.